Current Customer Follow-Up Calls.... Say WHAAAAT?

December 04, 2017

So you made the big sale. The client has received the products or the service has been provided.  Then what?

Are you missing-out on a golden opportunity to build incredible customer "good-will" or are you waiting until your customer contacts you with questions or issues?

Take the lead by implementing a customer follow-up system.  Simply create a future notice on your phone or in your customer management software to alert you to follow-up with the customer shortly after they have received your products or services. How soon should you follow-up? Days (if not hours) not weeks or months!

Sure, if you just delivered a huge project, you may be in on-going communication with your client. But once the dust has settled, perform a follow-up as soon as you feel it should be done.

Three HUGE benefits for implementing a customer follow-up system:

1) You can solve issues proactively by taking the lead. Don't wait on your customer to call or contact you with issues.  Makes everything go smoother and gives your customer huge confidence in you.

2) Builds "good-will" by giving your customer peace-of-mind that you are there for her or him. By providing this service, your customer will rave about you to other people they know (which may translate into future business:)

3) Allows you to up-sell or side sell products or services (check out our other blog post on this topic.) When you call your customer back, it's a great opportunity to introduce or suggest additional items or services they may need immediately or in the future.

By calling your customer, you show that you care. You've already made the sale, but you're there for your customer. Sure, you may end-up receiving additional sales or referrals, but if you're an expert in your industry, and it's your career, you obviously want to make your customer's outcomes and success your number one goal.



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