Contrasting Banner Colors And Vibrant Images Make Your Banner "Pop!"

December 07, 2017

Sometimes your banner may only have a few very short seconds to reach your prospect. Perhaps your banner is at a busy intersection. Or maybe it's in a busy corridor where your prospects are scurrying by quickly on their way to a destination event.

It's easy to design a cluttered banner that potential prospects miss completely. Help your banner catch attention with these five easy steps.

1. Utilize strongly contrasting text colors to make your message "pop."

Make your message extremely sharp and easy to read by using contrasting colors. Avoid colors that fade into each other (such as red on black or purple on blue.) Highly effective contrasting color combinations include red print on a white background, yellow on black or blue, and dark blue on bright orange. You can also "break-up" the message by reversing parts of the text.

Reversed contrasting colors on banners are easy to read and grab attention


Choose a clear and easy to read font (sans serif) such as Arial or Times New Roman.
Fancy serif fonts are often great for artistic reasons, but may be very difficult to read in a short time. If you must include many lines of text, place your least important text at the bottom and in smaller text size.

2. Place a stunning visual at the top or top left of your banner to grab attention.

People by habit start reading information from top to bottom, and left to right. Try placing a stunning image at the top or top left of your banner to grab attention and to start your prospect reading at the right spot. Pictures of people or money are consistent fall-back choices for pictures. The image will grab their attention, then follow the image with your most important text. Don't place your picture at the bottom or left side- your prospect may see the image and their eyes (by habit) will move on.

3. Use a strong attention-grabbing statement to get attention.

If you only have a few seconds for your message to be read, then make sure the message is bold and attention-grabbing. Many messages such as "Sale!" or "20% OFF!" are overused but for a reason- they continue to work! But make sure your most-important message is highlighted at the very top of your banner in big bold letters. All caps may be a great idea. Just don't overuse the all caps or your message may be lost.

4. If possible, create a "call to action."

A call to action can help move your prospect in the desired direction.  If you're trying to get your prospect to walk into your store, a couple good examples might be: "Enter Here," or "Park Here," or "Visit Now To Save $."

Other examples include: "Call Now! 888-8888," or "Text XXXX For Instant Coupon," or "Visit LetsGoBanners.COM for Coupon!"

5. Make important contact information easy to read but don't let it overshadow your main message.

Try to keep your contact information simple (or better yet, place it in your call to action,) but make sure detailed contact information doesn't overshadow your main message or text. If you must place an address or disclaimers on your banner, place them near the bottom and in smaller font size than your main message. Just remember, the long, detailed information is not likely to be read at all if your prospects are limited to seconds to see your banner.

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