Client Product or Service Picts/Videos.... Four Killer Reasons You Should ALWAYS Do This

December 02, 2017

So you (you or your company:) have a nice client base. You provide awesome products or service that they rave about.  Things are good....

But are you taking advantage of one of the best "free" marketing strategies in existence?

I'm talking about client picture (or video) testimonials using or displaying your products or services.  Here are FOUR HUGE Reasons you want to start doing this right now!

1.You gain instant credibility

Anytime you display pictures or videos of happy clients using your products or services, you gain instant credibility.  Potential customers viewing the pictures or videos are thinking, "Shoot, if that person/company does business with these guys, they must be o.k." This works for ALL INDUSTRIES from restaurants to floofy-poof snack manufacturing plants.  For retail customers or industrial handling purchasing agents.  IT..... WORKS....

2. It showcases your skills/products/services/talents

Videos or pictures of your customers having a happy experience with your products or services promotes your skill in providing the happy experience.  These picts/videos say, "These people are awesome at what they do. I loved my experience with them, and you will too!!" Having a customer make these statements about you is about 1000 times greater than you (or an ad agency/radio/t.v./social media commercial) saying these things.

3. Your clients love and appreciate the p.r. or additional marketing your picts/videos give them

So you (or your company) is featured on a business's website or youtube channel as a testimonial.  The company featuring the testimonial talks you up and provides links to your business on their channel.  You get several (or maybe a TON) of new business from being involved in this testimonial.  You wouldn't be happy? yea right.

Your clients will (at least the smart ones) appreciate the free publicity you are giving them when you promote their business in a picture or video testimonial. Why would a company not want free p.r.? As long as you're a credible business, the worst thing's that gonna happen is you send them free p.r.

4 Your client will more than likely share the testimonials (thus sending p.r. back to you!!!!)

I know this for a fact. When we promote a client's product or service through one of our testimonials, without fail, the client helps promote this.  I mean, if you were featured in a picture or video on a business site, wouldn't you tell a few (or a few hundred or thousand via social media) about this?

Guess what? All those people look at the picture or video and end-up seeing information about the producing company and the interviewee.  It's a WIN WIN.

If you have questions about what you should publish (regarding logos, clients, testimonials, etc,) make sure you get proper legal advice first!

So make it happen!

Thanks for reading and happy holidays'




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