Celebrity Endorsements - Paying Fame For Credibility

December 12, 2017

Famous people have endorsed products since marketing first started. I wonder who the marketing genius was who first figured this one out!

Sure, it may cost hundreds of thousands or maybe millions to get an international star to endorse your product or service, but did you know that local celebrities can also provide a huge impact on your business for a fraction of the price?

Often times there are local or regional celebrities who could be a perfect fit for endorsing your business via t.v. or radio (or other media) and it might surprise you how affordable some of these celebrities might be. (You can research talent agencies in your area; and I'm also willing to bet there are local celebrities in your area who represent themselves.)
Some of these celebrities may have been somewhat famous 10 or 15 years ago (or longer,) but may still be very recognized by certain age demographics in your target market.

Once you research and choose a celebrity, then you can implement a marketing strategy for targeting whichever demographic makes sense. Many local cable t.v. stations will air your commercial to reach very targeted demographics in your market. Same goes for radio. Shoot, you can even micro-target your market with search engine and YouTube ads.

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