Catch Their Eye With A Bright Custom Printed Flag!

December 26, 2017

Banners are often the best choice for getting attention in high traffic areas, but sometimes you can really separate yourself with a brightly colored custom printed flag. Your colorful flag combined with the right message can really "jump over" the other marketing signage in your area.

There are many types of custom printed flags, so which one is the best choice?

Among the most popular are: Teardrop Flags, Feather Flags, and Hanging Flags.

The main difference among these popular products is whether you prefer a "tight" flag, or a flag that really "waves" in the wind. Teardrop flags are held tight in place so that their message may be easily read regardless of the amount of wind. Feather Flags are somewhat tighter than Hanging Flags, such as the Mamba, but still "flap" at the bottom in the wind. Hanging Flags are supported across the top with a horizontal pole, and can really wave in the wind.

So it's really a matter of choice. Our custom printed flags range in price and height, so if you know which type you prefer, then it's just a matter of choosing the best size and price for  your needs.

Most of our flags are designed for indoor or outdoor use, and their life-span depends on the weather conditions.  If you're in a really windy area, your flag won't last as long than if you're in a fairly mild area with little wind. And we also offer two types of bases- spike bases (outdoors,) and X bases (indoors.) You can also add a separate water base for additional stability.

The flags are easy to assemble, and many of our customers even set them up in the morning and take them down at night.

Regardless of which type of flag you decide to invest in, make sure your artwork is easy to read regardless of wind conditions. We normally recommend minimal text, and make sure you design your flag in a "vertical" layout so your verbage reads up and down.

So next time you're looking for a real "eye-catcher," consider a custom printed flag!

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