Bumper Stickers: Spread The Word With A Simple Idea (and Reward!)

December 18, 2017

I wonder how long bumper stickers have existed... Hmmm. Maybe about a day or two after the first cars started appearing on the dusty roads? Yep. Very likely.

How many times have you pulled up to a red light and actually read the bumper sticker on the car in front of you? I know I have. Some cars and trucks have three or four bumper stickers on them.  What else do you have to do at a red light? Some of the funny bumper stickers even provide free entertainment.  I saw a car last year that was almost 100% covered with bumper stickers.  That was very unique. Only seen that happen once.

I live in a touristy area. Actually had a bumper sticker stolen right off my car (one of my kid's elementary school stickers.) So I guess somebody's reading these lol.

So maybe you'll agree that bumper stickers are effective for exposure. The trick is, how do you get your customers to apply bumper stickers with your marketing message?

It's actually pretty easy: just give them an incentive.

Here's an example.

If you own a coffee shop, and would like to have your logo on several hundred (or thousand) cars and trucks in your area, just offer a free bumper sticker and a couple free cups of coffee if they actually put the bumper sticker on their car or truck. It's that easy. If your customers like your business, they'll want to support you anyway. Offer a free cup of coffee (or a couple,) then once you confirm it's on the car, give a coupon for a couple free drinks. It's that easy.

Whatever type of business you have, just come-up with a creative incentive to entice your customers to put the stickers on their vehicles. You could always do a give-away. A decent prize drawing and they receive an entry if they place the sticker on their car.

Point is, you can definitely think of ways to entice people to place the sticker on their car. And once the sticker is on their car, more than likely it's going to stay on that car for a very long time.

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