Bounce-Back Coupons: The Key To Residual and Fast Repeat Business!

December 21, 2017

You might be surprised to find that you're sitting on a huge opportunity to increase your repeat business. An opportunity that costs virtually null! No additional ad expenses, no additional mail expenses, and hardly any out-of-picket or time costs!

What I'm referring to is implementing a "bounce-back coupon" marketing system.

Bounce-back coupons are simply coupons with an offer or discount to entice your customer to order again soon. You just simply place them in your delivery box or product package. They can feature any product or service you would like to promote, and are almost guaranteed to be seen by your customer. You can even place them directly with the receipt so your customer is certain to see it.

Bounce-back coupons can work in almost any industry- for virtually in services or products.

Here's an entire article I wrote about bounce-back coupons in our Learning Center.

The article has a lot of info in it, so I'll close by saying, "give it a try!" I believe this was one of the most exciting and sales-producing marketing systems we ever implemented.

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