Banners Are Inexpensive, And Can Be Used For SO MANY THINGS!

December 27, 2017

Sure, most people have used a banner to hang on a building to grab attention for a marketing event or message. But it always amazes me how many creative ways people use banners that help them with their goals on a very affordable budget!

I probably see at least one or two new, unique ideas each month and always say, "Why didn't I think of that?"

So here are a few ways banners are used that might work for you some day!

Pillar Wraps

We provide many displays for trade shows, but a few years ago we were asked to make pillar wraps to cover several huge pillars in the middle of the main trade show floor. "Hmmm. Interesting!" So we printed the wraps on banner material and our client affixed the wraps using Velcro. They turned out awesome! We've since started offering a full-line of fabric pillar wraps but still have requests for the wraps to be printed on banner material.

Wall Murals

Many ways exist to print and display a wall mural, but did you know you can display a beautiful, stunning wall mural for a very affordable budget using raw-edge cut banners and trim molding? We're currently printing new wall murals for a very nice resort on vinyl material. They are beautiful and last a very long time!

Table Runners

Although there are many types of fabric table runners, you'd be surprised how often we're approached by businesses needing a very quick and affordable way to brand their table at a show or marketing event. Vinyl banner to the rescue again! The raw-edge cut banner is imprinted with the company's marketing message so that it is in full view as it drapes over the front of the table.  A very professional look for not a lot of money. And they can be printed super fast!

Temporary Signage

Although vinyl banners are considered temporary signage, we have many customers who get years of service out of these banners. One customer even "wrapped" a banner around a wooden frame (stapled on the back side) that look as good as a permanent pvc vinyl sign. I'm pretty sure this sign was meant to be temporary, but it's still there today, and you wouldn't know it's a banner unless you got really close to it and took a look!

Vehicle Signs

Some customers display banners on the sides of their trucks or cars at events. Creates a temporary "mini-billboard" for the event. They usually use bungee cords to affix the banner, and once the event ends, they simply unhook the banners and head home!

Canopy Tent Signage

If you don't have the budget for a custom printed canopy tent, consider using (you guessed it!) a vinyl banner to brand your tent. Most of our customers using banners on tents usually use a 1 foot tall by 8 or 10 foot wide vinyl banner with seems and grommets. Attaches easily with zip ties and looks very nice and professional- for a price easy on the budget.


Vinyl banners can even be used as flags! Yes, especially if it's in a very windy area. Many fabric flags can rip or tear quickly, but vinyl is a stronger material that can last longer than fabric. And the colors are usually more vibrant as well! Double-printed are especially durable and can be affixed to dowel rods fairly easily.

A Frame (Sandwich Board) Signage

A Frame signs usually have coroplast or pvc signs attached to both sides, but did you know you can just as easily use raw-edge cut vinyl banner to get the job done? Just use a sturdy Velcro or double-sided tape to secure the banner to the A-Frame. Cheap and easy, and very easy to change-out your A-Frame for different marketing messages!

These are just a few ways you can use vinyl banner, but the list is long!

Thank you for reading!



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