Backpack Advertising: Marketing While Exercising!

December 19, 2017

It's not always easy to display your marketing message in high-density crowded areas. It can be expensive to pay for signage. It can be difficult to get the required permits. But what if you have high-traffic areas that would be ideal to display your marketing message (if only you could display it?)

Well- you can!

Backpack flags are excellent for displaying your brand or marketing message in crowded areas. All you need is a willing participant to wear the display, and the display itself. (some areas may have restrictions on advertising, so please do your homework!)

Backpack flags are, you guessed it, backpacks that are designed to display different types of flags. They connect like a regular backpack but have a frame that holds the pole and flag display. Some of these units also come with water-bottle holders and pockets to hold business cards or flyers.

But these backpack displays are a very unique and cost-effective way to display your message in high-traffic areas. And as an added benefit, if your staff member likes to exercise anyway, this covers both objectives.

We received a lot of positive comments about these displays. I'm truly surprised we don't sell thousands of them every day!

If you would like additional information about these displays, please call us today: 866-267-5814 or Chat With Us Now!

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