Backdrop /Runway Banners- Brand Your Next Event With Style!

December 11, 2017

For your next corporate event or marketing show, why not make a huge impact with a custom printed backdrop banner?

Backdrop banners are large custom printed banners (usually 8' x 8' or 8' x 10') featuring your logo or marketing message imprinted on the banner.

Backdrop banners provide a fantastic opportunity for your attendees to pose for pictures in front of your choice of marketing message. And guess what? These pictures can be posted on your website or social media and are often posted by the guests involved in the photographs!

Backdrop banners are not only great for corporate and marketing events, but can also be used in almost any environment where your customers may want to take a picture to post to their social media. I've seen many restaurants (especially in tourist destinations) successfully utilize backdrop banner for this purpose. Guests and customers love taking pictures to show their friends where they've traveled or visited- why not promote your brand while giving your customers a fun backdrop for a picture?

Backdrops most commonly feature your logo (or a series of corporate sponsor logos) "stair-stepped" in lines on the banner. If you've ever watched a Hollywood Red Carpet Event, you've probably seen many examples of celebrities posing in front of banners. Often time these backdrop banners line an entire fence or wall. The sponsors gain valuable marketing coverage when the celebrities are shown in front of their (smartly placed) logos!

Most backdrops are printed on 13oz scrim banner or super-smooth banner. They can be printed on glossy or flat media. There are many types of backdrop banner stands that can be used to display your banner. Some are fixed, while other stands are adjustable to hold different size banners. Some companies mount the backdrop banners directly to a wall if the banner is intended to be displayed for a longer time.

If you're using a temporary backdrop banner, you can easily store the banner for future use. Just make sure you keep it stored in a cool, dry place. If your backdrop banner is double-sided, make sure when you roll it up for storage that you place butcher paper on one side so that while it's rolled, the inks don't accidentally smear or bleed while rolled. This can happen if your banner is freshly printed or stored in a place that can get hot or humid.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! 866-267-5814.

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