Applying A Mural To That Wall? Make Sure It Will Stick!

January 02, 2018

So you have a nice, large wall that would be the perfect spot for your mural and marketing message? Awesome! Hopefully that mural will generate a ton of leads and sales!

If you (or your sign company) installs the mural without first testing to make certain the vinyl will adhere, it could turn-into an expensive mess.

Sure, your sign shop probably knows the best type of vinyl to use on the surface. But it never hurts to test first. I know (from experience,) that some types of vinyls work fantastically on some walls, while the same vinyls simply won't adhere to others.

This can be due to many factors such as the substrate (material) of the wall, the type of sealant or paint the wall was last covered, and even natural influences such as flora as well as humidity or rain and even sunlight.

So it's never a bad idea to test the surface first. Sure, it's an extra step, but placing a small sample of the vinyl to be used on an area of the wall for testing is a step worth taking.

Allowing the vinyl to sit for 24-48 hours will give you a good indicator how the vinyl will adhere to the substrate.

If your vinyl doesn't adhere, it may be a simple fix such as using a different type of vinyl and laminate, or by priming or painting the wall with a different finish that works with that particular type of vinyl.

If you run into substrates that are really difficult, you can also consider having your sign shop print the vinyl and apply to 3ml or 6ml pvc panels to adhere to the wall or substrate. We've been asked to install vinyl murals on some really gnarly surfaces, which we eventually convinced our client to go with a pvc solution. Looks ten times better and lasts a very long time.

So when it doubt, test it out!

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