Pole Pipe


The Pole Pipe attaches the T-Pole stands to multiple bases. Whether you need a replacement or an additional Pole Pipe, you are in the right place!

It is constructed of steel and lightweight at only 4lb. The Pole Pipe can be used indoors or outdoors. It attaches to the Cross Base 32”x32”/36lb with the included M16 Screw, to the Steel Plate 22”x22”/40lb with the M16 Screw 3.1”, and to the Car Base 4lb or Car Base 8lb with the built-in M16 Screw.

Measurements: Steel Plate- 2.5"x14.3"

Requires one of the following:


  • Steel Plate 22"x22"/40lb
  • Cross Base 32"x32"/36lb
  • Car Base 4lb
  • Car Base 8lb

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