You Really Can Vinyl Wrap (almost...) ANYTHING!

Had to get up really early today to travel over to Hilo, Hawaii. It's been raining heavily here in Hawaii for a few weeks, so as we grabbed our coffee, loaded up the van, and headed out to Saddle Road, we didn't know what to expect.

(Pictures below!)

Usually, normally, almost always, when it's raining in Waikoloa, it's almost always perfectly sunny in Hilo. (and vice versa)

So this morning, as we gathered our things and started the hour "ish" drive to Hilo, I said to Sammie, "I bet ya it will be sunny in Hilo," to which she replied, "O my gosh, I WAS JUST GONNA SAY THE SAME THING!" And we had a good laugh out of that for a minute..... Then we headed into the clouds.

Mauna Kea was almost completely covered in clouds.  I thought I could see a few faint glimmers of some snow.  Maybe so.  We've had so much rain lately that I would expect the beautiful mountain to perhaps have a few snow patches at this time of the year.

As we headed over Saddle, the cloud covering thickened, and we soon found ourselves in a very dense cloud "fog."

Other than a few impatient drivers, we quickly passed through the covering and quicker than I could have imagined, emerged on the other side of Saddle to find our right-turn into Hilo, facing the Mall where we had a fun project to complete.

We arrived at the mall and made an attempt (feeble but successful) to gather all our install equipment and media in one trip to our client's kiosk booth.

Today's mission, should we accept it, was to remove all the old vinyl covering of a popular satellite dish company's (that services the Big Island of Hawaii) kiosk, and then to replace it with new 3M Cast Custom Printed Vinyl.

Easy? No.... Were we up for the challenge? You betcha.

So we walked into the mall entrance and tried to find our way. We'd wrapped this kiosk before, so I kind of remembered how to get to it. "Thar she blows!" I said to Sammie.  She wasn't amused. But I did get a smile out of her.

We parked everything at the kiosk and quickly started chatting with the wonderful lady who works with this company. She was awesome to chat with as we started removing the old vinyl, and applying the new.

It was a very fun project. You really can vinyl wrap almost anything!

It did take us a bit longer than we expected, but we really wanted to do the best job possible.

The wrap turned out really gorgeous (if I do say so myself.) We had a little vinyl left over that allowed us to wrap a shelf that wasn't in the original plan, but turned out nicely.

Vinyl wrap Kiosk in Hilo Hawaii from Lets Go Banners

shopping mall booth vinyl decoration branding marketing

vinyl kiosk wrap hawaii

vinyl mall stand wrap for branding

Over the years, I've wrapped many marketing displays in vinyl, and our installation team has wraps a ton of cars, trucks, vans, etc. But this kiosk wrap was fun. And we ate at IHOP afterwards which was AWESOME!

If you have questions about wrapping your next kiosk (or almost anything else for that matter,) please "live chat" with us now or give us a call at: 866-267-5814.



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