Hawaii Car and Truck Magnet Printing

For decades, businesses have promoted their products and services with this amazingly cost-effective and productive tactic, basically turning their vehicles into a 24 hour billboard.  Rarely do we drive anywhere without getting a lead for Lets Go Banners.  Last week one of our team members was parked in front of the local Ace Hardware and was stopped TWICE before he could go into the store by people wanting information about our signs and banners!  

If you're in the market for a new car or truck magnet, you're in the right spot.  You can count on Lets Go Banners to deliver your car magnets timely and affordably.  We "corner-round" your car magnets to help with wind resistance, and your car magnets are made of the highest quality materials.  Strong magnets and bright, sharp colors!  Need help with your design?  Call toll free 808-430-6567 right now!

You can apply our vehicle magnets onto anything metallic.  We've produced magnets to be displayed on dumpsters, metal buildings, safes, as well as other metal objects!

Car and Truck Magnets Big Island Hawaii