Ackland Media Frames- Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ackland Media Frame
The Ackland Media Frame is a two piece aluminum mounting system used to display marketing graphics (vinyl banner) on most semi-flat surfaces. Extremely popular for embellishing box trucks and walls.

What type of banner is recommended for Ackland Frames?
All types of vinyl banner from 7oz to 20oz+ will work. 13oz is the recommended minimum thickness. The frames also display other graphics such as canvas or mesh banner materials.

What makes the graphic tight?
Our two-frame layers interlock which clamp and stretch simultaneously thus creating a tight mount.

What sizes are available?
Virtually any size! The width for the frames is 3 inches. Lengths are sold in standard 8 and 12 foot lengths but may be custom-cut for a nominal service fee, or clients can cut them on-site using a chop saw with aluminum cutting blade.

Can Ackland Media Frames be used Indoors AND Outdoors?
Yes! The frames perform well both inside and outside. The anodized finish protects against inclement weather and corrosion.

What tools are required to install the frames?
No special tools are required- just a drill or screwgun.

Can the frames be installed on rough, corrugated or curved substrates/surfaces?
Yes. Some substrates may require special treatment, but the frames can successfully be installed on metal, brick and other rough surfaces including curved surfaces. Call us if you need help!

Is changing out graphics easy?
Yes! The frames are designed for easy graphic change-out, allowing you to have a dynamic marketing system.

When changing out graphics, does the adhesive on the frame need to be replaced?
No! Our system is designed to be re-used. If the strips become dirty or exposed to the elements, replacement rolls can be ordered.

Can the frames be re-used?

Can the graphic be re-used?
Yes! As long as care is taken when storing your graphic, you can re-use it depending on your marketing needs such as for seasonal sales or events.

Does the banner or graphic need any special finishing process?
No! The frames work with raw-edge cut graphics. An art template is provided on the product pages.

Can I install it myself?
Absolutely. If you're handy with a drill or screwgun, you can do it. A helper may be required depending on the size of your frame and graphic.

How does it work?
Ackland's patented system includes a 2-piece design that forms a self-tensioning clamp which clamps down to securely hold your graphic in place while stretching the vinyl to form a smooth, wrinkle-free marketing display.

Ackland Media Frame Clamping System

How does the frame mount to the surface?
Screws and rivets are standard; however, some walls/surfaces may require unique anchoring such as for concrete walls. We also offer a bonding solution where no mechanical fasteners are needed. Call now for additional information!

How does the graphic/banner attach to Ackland Frames?
The frames reusable adhesion system holds the vinyl tight during and after installation.

Will vibrations (such as using the frame system on box trucks) cause the screws to loosen or the frame to loose tension?
No! As long as the frame system is installed properly, a virtual "metal clamp" is formed along the entire perimeter of the graphic providing a long-lasting, safe bond.

What colors for the frames are available?
Standard color is silver/grey anodized finished. However, powder-coating is available in virtually any color. Pricing for powder-coating is based on quantity and colors.

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